5 Types of Adventurers – Which Group Are You In?

As a travel enthusiast, you have plenty of options to play with when it comes to exploring things. Such people have various ways to break out of the mold. They follow their passion and live life a tad bit differently than others. Such junkies are known as adventurers. Now, there are ways in which they express themselves. In case you’re not sure what your way is, this list will give you certain types to choose from.

1. The Nomad

Often, adventurers seek the path less travelled. The nomads though, take it to a whole new level. Whether it’s a new city, village or hobnobbing with people of different cultures, the nomads are out there soaking it all in. Their mantra is simple – keep moving. And they go about it with a panache rarely seen. They move from one place to the other, exploring destinations according their will. Their freewheeling attitude is the envy of many 9-5 backpackers.

2. The Adrenaline Junkie

Ever experienced living life on a knife edge? No, then you haven’t seen the adrenaline junkies in action yet. Such people are the living examples of crazy (in a good way, obviously). Thrill is their constant companion. One simply can’t wonder in awe at their bravado. For them no risk is too far-fetched. From enjoying a free fall while bungee jumping to talking with the clouds while skydiving, these people have done it all and more.

3. The Flashpacker

Luxury means many things to many people. Some find it in the free wifi, others in the arms of nature. However, there are certain people who expect the best of both worlds. Think that’s too much to ask for? Not quite, if you are a flashpacker. They plan their adventures in such meticulous manner that they usually end up crashing in a well furnished suite after the hard day’s trek. Not bad is it?

4. The Wildlife Fan

Steve Irwin is the first name that comes to mind when we hear of a wildlife enthusiast. And ever since he came on screen dealing with all kinds of wild animals in his khakis, a whole generation was inspired to follow his footsteps. This gave rise to a brigade of wildlife enthusiasts, who wanted to quench their thirst for adventure by spending time with wild animals. A hostel right in the midst of a forest is the ideal destination for them. Not quite Tarzan like, but close enough.

5. The Volunteer

The best kinds of travelers live and feel the experience of being in another country. The volunteer though, believes in going a step further. They want to get in the thick of things. They aren’t in it for just the enjoyment, but to help with a social and environmental cause. Bettering the society is their goal and they want to give their bit in making a difference.

Perhaps now you’ll have a better shot at guessing which adventurer instincts you have. If you haven’t decided yet, take a pick and usher in a life of thrill.

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  • http://blogrboy.blogspot.in/ Blogr B

    Loved the article. I come under the flashpacker group. I wont call it luxury, but I look for decent amenities end of the day.

    100% power backup at a lodging place is a luxury 😉