Best Travel Bloggers in India

Today, we have decided to dig up the most exciting, most informative, and most liberating Indian travel blogs that the Internet has to offer. The authors of these travel blogs have been living their dreams through travel and, luckily for us, they decided to pass their stories along.

Let’s check them out!

  1. Shivya Nath


In 2011, at age 23, I quit my corporate job to travel the world. This journey has taken me as far within as with my feet. ”   

This dynamic young lady has been creating magic through her experiences and stories from around the corners of the world. Being an expert at offbeat travel and storytelling, no wonder  Shivya has been awarded ‘Best Travel Blogger’ at the Indian Blogger Awards. She travels  impulsively and to places that have seldom been written about. ” The Shooting Star ” is definitely a  motivation to all women solo travelers out there!

     2.  Sankara


                                  “I am one of those people who feels at home when he is on the road.”

By far, one of the best travel bloggers in India. “Be on the road” is the brainchild of this extremely talented blogger. It talks about travel tips, travel lifestyle, travel photography and much more. His articles have been featured in National Geographic Traveller India, Deccan Chronicles, Economic Times, TripAdvisor and so on. So if next time you are looking through some efficient travel techniques around the country, you know which blog to refer.

    3.  Siddhartha Joshi


“I truly believe that only traveling can break barriers and make us more tolerant and accepting of our differences.”

Siddhartha describes himself as Designer, Traveler, and a Travel blogger who loves people more than everything else. His blog named “The Wanderer”, is one of India’s top Travel and Living Blog. His expertise lies in travelogues, travel tips, photography tips, travel product reviews and also a few travel videos. Check out his blog for some meticulous walk through into Indian and international tourist destinations.

    4. Venkat Ganesh


Stop being mediocre. Rise to the occasion, be passionate and strive for excellence in whatever you do. It’s all that’s required to be Awesome!”

With an ambitious mission to ‘travel across India on a motorbike’, Venkat Ganesh definitely stands out of the crowd.  He has always believed in taking the road less travelled. “India backpack motorbike” is Venkat’s endeavor for sharing his adventures and travels to known and unknown destinations. If this doesn’t motivate you to hit the road today, then what will?

    5. Neelima Vallangi


                           “I do not go to the normal places and I do not do the usual touristy things.”

She treks, she travels, she writes and she photographs. And she recently quit her job to do all of this full time! Neelima’s dreams of setting foot in all states and Union territories of India, by the time she is 30. As confessed, she has been obsessing over Himalayas and Western Ghats for quite some time now. “Travel with Neelima is a blog about her adventures, offbeat places, guides and a whole lot of photo-essays.

    6. Ankita Sinha


“Every time I try to break up with the idea of uncertainty that travelling the world puts me in, I find my life more organised with every place.”

India’s Award winning Travel Adventure Fashion VBlogger, Ankita has been the talk of the in the travel blogging sphere of India. In a span of 3 years, she has been to 18 countries and still counting. Her fondness for adventure sports has allured her to try more than 15 of them successfully. If you want to indulge in some crazy adrenaline rush, voyaging and soaking yourself into different cultures, have a look at this incredible blog.

    7. Lakshmi Sharath


                         “In true vagabond spirit, I believe that a rolling stone actually gathers moss”

A media professional, a traveler, a travel writer and consultant. Phew! Lakshmi’s talents have no bounds. She has been blogging in the travel space since 2005 year and her blog, “A Travel Blog of an Indian Backpacker” has won several accolades including winning the Indibloggies -India’s best travel blog of the year in 2008. Her passion has led her into five continents and to over 25 countries till date. Wow!

    8. Thommen Jose


                          “We aim to bring about a whole new culture in travel – responsible travel.”

Thommen Jose is a traveler, adventurer, biker, writer and a filmmaker. He is the  brain behind “Wanderink”. Being one of its kinds, it promotes ecotourism through travel-themed content. He is concerned about environmental development issues and is keen to raise awareness among the travelling community. Respect!

    9. Prasad np


“Realized that I have run a lot and now is the time to stop running and start traveling, because ‘The Journey Is The Destination.’ ”

Nominated for Indian Blogger Award, Prasad’s blog is not just about the places for a travel enthusiast but also dedicated to the Indian-family-travel. Unlike other bloggers, he might not be into exotic locations but his simplistic travel stories will definitely blow your mind. Focusing mainly on travelling with family, “Desi Traveler will make you plan a trip with your loved ones right away!

10. Niranjan Das


                                            “I believe life is a travelogue and we are all nomads.”

The one who finds atlas and travelogues as the most exciting books. Niranjan’s blog “Tales of a nomad” captures the essence of traversing untraveled roads, tasting mouth watering cuisines, studying vibrant cultures, experiencing breathtaking adventures and capturing exotic landscapes. His impressive account of travels across India has been well appreciated and published amongst reputed mediums.

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