The Curious Case of Summer Adventures and How to Solve It

The king of all seasons, Summer, is upon us. Even the dust and dulls would like to wind up in the big pool with no wear at all. But some big-hearted adventurers (probably, you) fizz all the heat and throw it away in the mountains surrounded by the adequate fogs and lush-green wild terrains. Well, if you like beaches for summer adventures you can imagine yourself walking by the shoreline; could be humid, but who cares as long as you are having fun.

If you haven’t figured out which adventure trip you would like to ‘smoke’ after the end of the financial year then we are here to solve this conundrum. But before that, one needs to understand that indulging in adventure activities is alluring and can be addictive like smoking (not in a bad way, in a loving way). Out of the many understandings, there are two vital reasons for this addiction: The feeling of newness and a detour from your usual schedule to bring multiple perspectives.

Let’s figure out the options for summer adventures these upcoming months:

1) Cycling Amidst Hills or Around City

Tripping on the wheel with lots of fresh breezes, cyclists often tend to explore more than they planned. Because, once you are in your bicycle, the destination may lose its charm while enjoying the lovely ride on a wide landscape, on congested lanes in the city, on highways in the outskirts of the town, on steep roads amidst hillocks or on a single strip-line going through a forest or the coffee estate. You just need a backpack, a few water-bottles, some high-calories sandwiches and a well-geared bicycle.

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We, at Escape2Explore, provide various cycling activities as summer adventures such as Big Banyan Tree Cycling, Savandurga Cycling, etc.

2) Trekking – Day trek and night trek (sunrise)

Strolling is for everyone: everyone who likes to look at the world; meet different people and culture; roam in the no man’s land; visit various places with historically, architecturally, mythically or spiritually significant values; wander into the series of mountains, dense forests amidst tall trees; watch the sunset or sunrise; and climb up the hills in the dark. Most of the mountain trails’ temperatures are lower than the usual summer heat; especially the one lies in the Western Ghats or near the river or waterfalls.

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We, at Escape2Explore, conduct some of the major trekking activities such as Himalayan Trekking, Narayanagiri Night Trek, Manchanabele River Side Trek and many more.

3) Camping Near the Waterfall

Have you ever obsessed with the line, “Let’s live in the mountains”? Probably in your teenage times or at the times when you are a love bird! But it’s always surreal to actually be in the mountains near the waterfalls. You will be going to discover the calmness amidst the orchestral music of waterfalls and the penchant view of the green landscape with mountains. The whole experience would be like a fairy tale.

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With Escape2Explore, you can check places to see on your Summer Trip with Waterfalls such as Hogenakkal Falls Overnight Camping.

4) Water Sports for Summer Adventures

The diffusion of heat can be achieved by the well-nourished adventure activities played in the water. Usually, people go to some resorts with plenty of pool water but nature has created such places with somewhat soothing climate and lots of opportunities to indulge water activities like kayaking, rappelling, coracle ride, etc. The places at the Himalayan Mountains and some trails of Western Ghats render some of the beautiful scenery and plenty of water fun.

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With us, you can plan your trip to water activities and paintball (additionally) for summer adventures i.e. Savandurga Night Trek with Kayaking, etc.

5) Spelunking, Rappelling and Rock Climbing

This is perhaps the unexpected one in the list but while extremities of summer atrocity can stop you from leaving your home, trust us the cave exploration could be one of the best activities you can do in this season. The visit will encourage you to unveil the ancient mysteries, appreciated the architectural elements and discovering historical evidence; doesn’t it sound thrilling? Apart from spelunking, one can participate in rappelling and rock climbing activities to get the adrenaline rush.

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Escape2Explore strives to modify its various trekking services with the inclusion of adventures such as Anthargange Night Trek, Turhalli Forest Trek with Rappelling and many more.

So, why do we have to wait during the summer because of the heat and sweat? You can go to some cold places, trek along the high hills, indulge in water sports or just explore the caves. The case is, hereby, solved. It’s time you become the Adam and Eve of this Adventurous World.

During any of our trips, our expert team guides you through all the important routes with full information about the places and protects you with technical support.

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