9 Travel Hacks Every Backpacker Should Know

Travel can be fun, but it can be equally tedious if things aren’t in order. Since, travelling involves carrying plenty of things (at least for most of us), it is important to make sure whatever is being carried is available in a moment’s notice and in good condition. But, these things don’t happen of their own accord. You need to act smart and prepare a cheat sheet for travel. So why wait? Let’s get it the ball rolling.

1. Charge You Phones With TV

use TV to charge phone

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Surprised? We thought so. Many of the latest television sets have a USB port nowadays. So, for some reason if you charger meets with an accident or disappears into oblivion, then you know help is just around the corner.

2. Your Shoes Are Safe In A Shower Cap

use shower cap for shoes

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Umm, shower cap, might be your reaction, but it’s the best way to keep dirt on your shoes ending on the clothes in your suitcase.

3. Roll ‘em Up, Clothes We Mean

roll your clothes

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Space crunch is a drawback of suitcases. But then, no space is enough space, especially for the ladies. Rolling up your clothes can give you that much needed extra space. Also, it helps your clothes remain wrinkle free.

4. Use A Dryer Sheet Inside A Suitcase


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You sure as hell don’t want your clothes smelling the moment you unpack. Sadly, it can and will happen if you let it. Get a dryer sheet and place it inside your suitcase, to keep the clothes smelling fresh always.

5. Bring An Empty Bottle To The Airport

Refill empty water bottle

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Are you aghast as we are at the price of mineral water bottles at the airport? Then it is time to put an end to this daylight robbery and help yourself by filling the empty bottle once you clear your security check.

6. Pack Cosmetics In A Lens Case

use lens box for cosmetics

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Cosmetics can take up a lot of space if you let them. With so many items to pack, things can become a bit tricky. Luckily, you can take little of everything in old lens cases and slid them in one corner of your bag.

7. Keep The Collar Tight With A Belt

keep collars neat when packing

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Nope, there are special belts for it, just the usual ones. Going out on a work trip requires your clothes to be crisp. A tight collar goes a long way in making a good impression. So, roll up that belt and place it in the shirt, and it’ll be just fine.

8. Fitted Sheets Work Best At A Beach


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When on a beach, it is best to use fitted sheets as protection from sand. Towels although good can get blown away with the wind.

9. Clip The Razor

clip the razor

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The razor is as important a tool as any while travelling. Make sure you keep it in good condition by covering the blades with a clip. Or else be prepared for the damage it causes.

Tell us your wacky travel hacks and join the league of fun and smart travel enthusiasts.

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