9 Affordable Team Building Activities for Every Budget

9 Affordable Team Building Activities for Every Budget

Have you ever tried Fevi Stik? Yes, the one you use to glue your broken things is a drop of glue and it’s new like never broken before. I guess it worked all the time.

Gluing a team together is not that easy. It is a lot of brainstorming and has become a big job for many offices. God knows the pain of the Human Resources department and, to some extent, the manager for accomplishing the hard task. With many startups turning into Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), team building and bonding become a headache, especially with limited funds.

Here, we are recommending 9 team building activities for corporate employees:

1) Paintball

team building activity

The paintball game is strategy-based and played between two teams. You can easily mix and match the people in the teams ultimately giving a chance for one to gel with every other member of the team. It makes people understand the mindset, team dynamics, and capabilities each one brings to the group.

Paintball can be a great way to encourage communication and teamwork in a fun and exciting environment. However, it's important to note that paintball can also be physically demanding, so it's not suitable for everyone.

2) Raft Building

team building activity

Raft Building can include n number of people. The instructor would guide us on how to assemble the raft with kayak boats, logs, ropes, tubes, and some raw materials. The member of the team has to communicate and be attentive to create a raft from scratch and that should work as well. Ultimately, the team can test their raft by heading to the water. The warlike situation in building a raft can sometimes be competitive and generate positive synergy in the team. Building a raft and rafting on the backwaters of the Arkavathi River near Manchanabele Reservoir can be an awesome experience for corporate people.

Raft building is a great way to teach problem-solving skills and teamwork. It also forces people to communicate effectively to achieve a common goal.

3) Zip Line Activity

team building activity

The Zip Line, however, is an individual activity in which a person is clamped on a rope to slide from one spot to another distant spot. The rope will be mounted at a certain height. This thrilling sport could help reduce lots of fear in one’s heart and make them a little bold.

Zip lining can be a great way to build trust and confidence. It can also be a lot of fun!

4) Swimming

team building activity

When we are talking about swimming, it’s not professional swimming exercise. Swimming here is about a bunch of people who push themselves into the river just for a fun, relaxing, and friendly time. The activity opens people up to talk beyond their work, laugh at their jokes, and ultimately spend some quality time in the group.

Swimming is a great way to relax and bond with colleagues in a casual setting. It's also a low-impact activity that can be enjoyed by people of all fitness levels.

5) Kayaking

team building activity

Kayaking is about practice and learning with water flow. The person on the kayak boat has to understand the mood of the water and act upon it to move the boat forward. Sometimes, the kayak boat is for two people which forces the additional responsibility to work along with the partner.

Kayaking is a great way to teach communication and coordination skills. It can also be a good workout for the arms and core.

6) Coracle Ride

team building activity

This is a group ride to the end of the river with a boatman and a few of your colleagues. Riding on Coracle boat finds some of the spectacular moments during the jolting and jovial period.

Coracle rides are a traditional Indian way of traveling on water. They can be a fun and unique way to experience the local culture.

7) Rappelling

team building activity

Just like the Zip Line, Rappelling is an individual activity serving the purpose of conquering your fear. It makes you vulnerable for a certain period and at the same time, makes you learn to live in the moment and complete the task at hand. The activity also teaches how to trust a completely unknown person, who is holding the rope for you.

Rappelling can be a great way to build trust and confidence. It can also be a lot of fun!

8) Trekking

team building activity

Very often, people consider walking a mundane activity but there is nothing that can surpass the pleasure of walking amidst the hillocks to explore big landscapes and forests and reach the top of the hill for the spectacular view. The trekking brings people together to walk to the same destination. During the long hours of the stroll, it’s natural to have a small or big talk which is required for open communications.

If you are looking for one of the ideal trek activities near Bangalore, Manchanabele Reservoir provides the perfect environment.

9) Target Shooting

team building activity

The game is simple: You have a gun or bow, fire it and the bullet or the arrow should hit the mid-point of the board kept at a distance. Target shooting is not about perfection but enhancing the concentration with each shot.

In any of our trips, our expert team ensures your safety and technical assistance while you learn to gel with your team in many different adventure sports.

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