Million Heart Beats Racing in Sync: The Y of CYcling

While there are millions of controversies, social media dramas, news narcotics and funny videos junks in this world, there are people who navigate their path away from these and find solace in cycling through the empty roads near the mountain. They are Bicycle Riders.

Traffic Trap Alternative

I happen to know about bicycle riding when I came first to Bangalore. As the traffic and cigarette smoke in the city after the IT Boom frustrate most of us, few of the citizens took the initiative of cycling to work. And it created wonders in their life in terms of their physical strength, mental health, work-life balance, social circle improvement and spiritual gain. (You may feel unsure about the last one but trust me, it’s true)

Like Old Times

The addiction was such that they have formed groups on weekends for the bicycle tour in Bangalore. It was, as many of them described, was liberating. In a few months, they get to understand every street and route in the city, some century-years-old restaurants, monuments and the original architecture of this town.

Wouldn’t this feel like old times when people used to explore new places in north-south-east-west instead of right-left direction? Bicycle tour in the city can be expressively adventurous; all you need is a bicycle, a map (not the Google Map on your phone) and your uninhibited interaction ability. Don’t worry, you can develop that interaction ability while riding!


City Doesn’t Have Everything, Just Ride Away

Let’s come out of the city for a moment. What do you expect? Certainly, there must not be any traffic to accompany you. I would say a long empty highway (or, two-lane road) which probably last hiding in the mountains or passing through an eco-friendly tunnel or peeking to the pollution-free jungle. Any bicycle rider craves for such a reminiscing ride with the group of friends. Yeah, Ride along or alone!

Sometimes No Reason Is A Good Reason


Remember a scene from the movie Mr. Bean’s Holiday where our beloved Mr. Bean, in a ‘borrowed’ bicycle, goes after a lorry carrying a few chickens and all he wanted was his bus ticket stuck on the feet of a chicken. The movie paces from that point showing how Mr. Bean enjoyed the ride in an empty road with the sky and long-lost village in the background. He shows his quirkiness during the journey while speeding his bicycle up taking literal support from a van and chasing down the group of professional bicycle riders.

The point of the entire scene is that we do not need a reason (at least, not the sensible one) to pursue our excursion.

You Remember Life Experiences: An Inspiring Story

Sometime back, I met a professional theatre artist from Australia who has almost 20 years of experience in Playback Theatre. She came to India with her almost 10 years old son just to participate in Bicycle Tour in Kerala. She told me the back story.

Almost six months before our meeting, she was sitting in a café having coffee probably. A guy came to her with a pamphlet in his hand. He told her about this bicycle tour happening in Kerala. There were two seats left. She was certainly hoping for something like this in her life as it could open the opportunity for her travelling dream. She took it as a sign from someone almighty and registered herself and her son for the trip.


Later, she realized that this bicycle tour will be organized after the participants raised a certain amount by contributing money from their pockets. She didn’t have that amount of money. But she took it as a challenge and started working towards it by performing at different places within the town. At the end, the capital she raised was much more than the registration fee. She was able to even afford her many detours in India including Bangalore, Banaras and definitely, Kerala.

The bicycle tour was successful as she expressed. It has given her a sense of pride in herself with learnings such as indulgence with nature, mingling with fellow riders, an experience of the uphill ride, managing her expenditure and many more.

So, pack your bags and oil up your bicycle in this winter because you are going to breathe with every paddle and the heart rate will higher than normal almost close to the adrenaline rush!

About the Author:

Shivesh Ranjan is a creative writer and a theatre artist in Bangalore. To know more about him, please go through his profile.

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