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Bangalore, the IT capital of India is fast pacing with its hardworking people. In such a city, it is hard to find time for ourselves from our busy schedule. The toxic city life sucks the soul out of us.

But is there any point to this? How often do we prefer to hear our inner voice demands and follow what it says?
Even though you are reading this, back of your mind you have a long list about the next task you have to complete like making the presentation, the geometry assignment or the worst of all, plan to sleep. Now we have reached to the point where we need to give a second though if our body requires to rest or not. Amidst of this, how often do we listen to the voice of our heart, who only shouts to get free from the clutches of our boring routine.

PS – no offense to those who love and enjoy their jobs, we know that not everyone hates it!

Escape2Explore, Escape from busy life and explore the nature.
A view form kunti betta night trek.

Maybe just for once you may now plan to listen to your inner voice to get lost in the arms of nature. But how do we do that?  Like, won’t it require a lot of time just to plan about what’s there in your mind?
Today, there are numerous service providers which make your life easier in planning stuffs. Escape2explore, a Bangalore based adventure travel company comes to your rescue.

Escape2explore plans a variety of trips for you in and around Bangalore. As the name suggests, it is a company which helps you to escape from your chaotic life. It also allows you to explore the mystic and beautiful nature on the other side. This is what makes them stand-out from the other travel companies. One can depend on Escape2explore for their valuable weekend and a much needed break. From a one day trek, night trek to a 3 day long escape trip, they have it all. They organize the trips, keeping in mind about the people’s preferences and requirements. At affordable prices you avail a variety of options to add more memories in your life.

With their promising attitude to their customers they have partnered with, a social media platform who takes this game to a whole new level. Together, their efforts of planning and coming up with different treks and trips pamper us with a variety of options.

As the main aim of Escape2explore is to satisfy their customers, they concentrate more on the actual arrangements of a trek, rather than spending more time on promotion. 365hops updates Escape2explore’s trek and trip plans on their social media platform which keeps the travel bugs, updated about the upcoming travel plans with a number of adventures. All you have to do is choosing the month, the week and there is a list of all the treks and trips to display.

The Blogs of 365hops provide amazing information to the curious travelers about adventure. 365hops, this name motivates individuals to travel and keep hopping throughout the 365 days of a year. And not only that, in case you have any inquiries there is always someone to pick up the call or respond through mails provided on the site to clear all your queries.

With more than 3000 satisfied customers of Escape2explore, 365hops aims to reach maximum people so that everyone has the chance to fulfill the demand of their inner voice to escape and explore. 365hops values their efforts and wants to make sure that everyone avails the wonderful opportunity of experiencing adventure in their vicinity. 365Hops make sure that every event organized by Escape2exlpore reaches to the mass public.
So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is select the trip, which fascinates you the most, book it, pack your bags and just escape to explore.

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