Creative Ways to Build Team Bonding in Corporate Outing

The office atmosphere with full of conundrums and warriors to give solutions, it’s likely to have miscommunications which lead to ego issues and unavoidable situations. As a result, we often find less productivity and delayed deliverance time.

Of course, the management examines these problems carefully and, along with the human resource team, sets up several employee engagement activities which also include corporate outing. A corporate outing is one of the best ways to instill the energy in the team. While these trips are nice and fun but often, lacks some creative activities for building the bond among the employees. Here we are providing some perfect team bonding activities which you can ask to include in any corporate outing tours.

Trekking in Corporate Outing

It’s refreshing to go out with your team in the mountains. The feeling of getting away from work once in a while can generate the new enthusiasm among employees. The trekking experience incorporates walking on a sloppy path, wandering through a jungle and capturing some beautiful views.

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The management can encourage participants to connect with the people with whom they’ve never interacted. The team may divide into a small group but cooperation nature will be rendered once the challenging path will occur in their way.

We provide such challenging trekking experiences such as Gokarna Beach Trek, Overnight Camping at Kanva Resort, etc.

Paintball in Corporate Outing

Corporate outing tour always includes trekking to several hillocks and mountains. It’s nourishing to travel in mountains and watch some beautiful scenery but these trips may lead to create many small groups. Paintball is one the best games to build more engagement.

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The game is simple: Two teams, with their guns and paintball, will be trying to defeat each other in a warlike situation. The battle-like game requires team combination and everyone’s equal participation. It unveils the character of each member and opens the possibility of more collaboration opportunities.

Escape2Explore can include paintball activity on request in its Corporate Outing near Bangalore packages such as Ramanagara Corporate Outing, Manchinbele Day Adventure and many more.

Rope Courses in Corporate Outing

Most of the rope courses such as Zip-line, Single Line Bridge and Cargo Net are for an individual but the real reason behind these activities is to enhance your focus. You will be encouraged by your team who will be standing right beside you or performing the task along with you.

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In Zip-Line, you will have to move from one end to another end with the help of a pulley suspended on a cable. In other rope courses, you can cross with the help of one-two ropes on a Single Line Bridge suspended at a height. Cargo Net offers the commando-like setup where you will be crossing a rope wall.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling in Corporate Outing

Rock Climbing and rappelling are one of the difficult adventure sports. In Rock Climbing, you will have to reach to a certain height or at the top of the rocky wall, whereas rappelling is to descend to the ground from a certain height by taking the support of a wall. You will definitely be provided a safety jacket with a rope tied to it controlled by the experts.

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The real purpose of this game is to understand how team dynamics work as not everyone could be a good climber but everyone has to try while their team will be cheering for them. It builds self-confidence and trust on your team members.

Our team will be guiding any of corporate outings around Bangalore such as Kunti Betta Team Outing, Bilikal Betta Night Trek, Anthargange Team Outing and many more.

Kayaking or Canoeing in Corporate Outing

Kayaking defines the real meaning of “Let’s work together” as to not ending up in water. You and your teammate can grab a paddle with your kayak boat to enjoy the jolting ride. It’s obvious that this water sports activity is completely based on trust.

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Our team constantly looks out to include such fun sports in their corporate outing packages such as Narayanagiri Surise Trek.

Bonfire in Corporate Outing

During any overnight camping, the team would like to assemble around a bonfire while having dinner and chit chatting. This is a perfect time for an employee to get away from their office talk and involve in a personal conversation or some fantastic made-up/real stories. It often ends in singing so many common songs in groups.

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Spending such quality time with the colleagues can break many boundaries and help understand the personalities of each individual. Escape2Explore provides multiple night trekking tours such as Ramanagara Night Trek, Makalidurga Night Trek, etc.

In any of our trips, our expert team ensures your safety and technical assistance while you learn to gel with your team in many different adventure sports.

Book any of our Corporate Outing near Bangalore packages to strengthen the team bonding and enjoy more productivity as an after-effect of these ‘remedies’.

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