6 Types Of People Who Always Screw Up Your Trekking Plans

Trekking is fun. Period. There’s hardly any activity that compares to a trek. As a trekker you are bound to come across all kinds of people, interested in trekking or otherwise. The most interesting kind among them, are the ones who talk the talk but never show up on the big day. They come in all forms and have a whole host of reasons up their sleeves to avoid any kind of trekking activity. Let’s take a look at these wackies and their ridiculous traits. Warning: Some are plain outrageous.

1. Mr. Money Penny

Hardcore trekkers splurge little on a trek that is a known fact. But, there are forever stingy people (during a trek) who are hell bent on saving every dime. Funny part is, the same individual ends up with the deepest pockets while partying. Miracle, isn’t it?

2. The Forever Sick

These individuals are hale and hearty all throughout the week. Beware though, because as the day of the trek (usually a weekend) comes near, there health deteriorates all of a sudden. Your efforts to contact them can and will go in vain. At best, you can get a voice message in an ailing voice.

3. The Canine Owner

Don’t get us wrong, we love dogs too. What we hate is owners giving excuses in their name. These sort of individuals use their dog as a shield to keep themselves out of a trekking plan. From “My dog hasn’t pooped for weeks“ to “My dog just fought a battle with an elephant” their reasons can be shocking to say the least.

4. The Workdonkey

Yeah, you might have heard of the term workhorse quite a few times. Now, here comes a term straight out of the frustrated trekkers dictionary – The Workdonkey. These are people who attach loads of importance to their work, even when there isn’t any. “I have work man!” is their staple dialogue after every trekking plan is announced. Now, if only they hadn’t bothered you with making the plan in the first place.

5. The Scared Rabbit

Life for such people is a series of accidents. They head out of their house waiting for an apocalypse. It is but natural that such people can never enjoy a trek. There only concern being “When is the next big rock falling on my head?” Trouble is, they find it hard to keep this fear to themselves, and instead end up spreading it like an epidemic.

6. Last Minute Ditchers

It is fair to say that this bunch is the worst form of people a trekker can encounter. They make plans, agree to everything, and surprise surprise… never show up on the day of the trek. They disappear in a way that even trained spies would have their work cut out finding them. And need we remind you, apologies aren’t their thing.

As a trekker, you’d have encountered something similar. What are your companions’ crazy reasons? Are they crazier than these? We’d like to know.

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