4 Reasons Why Trekkers Are The Best People You’ll Ever Meet

Humans are societal beings. They thrive on living in groups. That is how nature made us, and is the accepted norm. But, choosing with whom to spend your time is completely up to you. Given that humans have a penchant for doubling their kind, you have plenty of options to choose from. The best among them are the trekkers. Why? Perhaps it’s the genes, but there is more to them than that. We will give you the reasons why trekkers are the best kind of people going around.

They Define Optimism

It’s no secret that trekking requires a certain plan. You can be rest assured they have thought about every detail – the number of hours, campsite, travel time etc. The funny thing about a trek though, is it can throw up surprises. Sounds much like life isn’t it? Worry not, because with a trekker in the midst, you can overcome all odds. Like it or not, they carry optimism in their back pocket. Oh, and they also use it to good effect.

Minimal Is Cool

There is enough burden that life puts on our shoulders, why take some more, is their philosophy. Their weekdays may be mundane, but come the weekend they chuck the cagey formals and get their trek suits on – Superman like. They can survive in the toughest of conditions, be low maintenance, skip a warm meal, and not even bat an eyelid. Nature’s magnificence is the only fuel they crave for, everything else is just a sham – mobile phones included.

A Helping Hand

Trekkers are a large hearted bunch. They live and breathe humanity. And, if you are ever lucky enough to have one in your company, you’d get to know just why. That a trek is an exhausting experience is a well known fact. But even then, if they encounter a person in need, they are more than willing to lend a helping hand – giving their share of water and food, medical assistance etc. Even their favourite cookies aren’t spared. And don’t even get us started on the guiding part.

Worry! What’s That?

The one thing you can never expect a trekker to do is worry. May be it is the mental makeup or just the adrenaline kick. Crazy things are just part and parcel of their lives. Never the ones to worry, living on the edge is what gives them a high, unlike the fake high of a cigarette or alcohol. Worry for them is like the dirt underneath the shoes. Their only aim in life – go high, higher, highest.

Like all things, a trek will end, but the euphoria will remain. So, let the fear of the unknown grip you and see the drama slowly unfold. And in this journey, let the trekker be your guide

Inspired From: The Climb: 4 Reasons Hikers Are The Best People You’ll Ever Meet

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  • http://www.ravindrajoisa.com/ Ravindra Joisa

    Agreed. I go on Himalayan trek (to photograph) every year and all my teammates were unknown people on day 1 but after a week long trek.. we discuss stuff as though I know them for 20 years. :)

  • stallio stalwart

    Totally agree, best example is sonam, my love.

    • http://www.escape2explore.com/ Escape2Explore

      Good to know that! :-)

  • Himalayan Wanderer

    You get all kind of characters on trek. I have met some of the most humble and nice souls on treks. Then yet again, I have my share of trekking with shallow, selfish prunes I would like to not remember.

    • http://www.escape2explore.com/ Escape2Explore

      Agreed! But those are the kind of people who never really care about anything except themselves. Being an ardent organizers of outdoor experiences, our team comes across such type of people, and the best we can do is to be nice and kind even if they behave shallow or selfish because that’s who we (trekkers/travelers) truly are – kind, responsible and humble. :-)