12 Jaw-Dropping Pictures That Will Leave You Awestruck

From scaling steep cliff faces to jumping from dizzying heights, life for some people is either a daring adventure or nothing. The personages in these jaw-dropping pictures are true daredevils and will surely make your heart skip a beat with their death-defying action, or may inspire you to become an adventure junkie.

1. Castleton Tower,  Castle Valley (Utah)

Krystle Wright

Image Credits: Krystle Wright

2. Handi Gundi Betta, Karnataka (India)

Handi Gundi Betta

In Picture: Rameez Rami (Team Escape2Explore)

3. Cuillin Ridgeline, Isle of Skye (Scotland)Danny Macaskill

Don’t look down: Danny MacAskill surveys his playground.

4. Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)

Cabo San LucasImage Credits: Greg Sims

5. Half Dome, in Yosemite National Park, California (USA)

Image Credits: Alex Honnold

6. A Cliff Face In South Africa

Image credits: Solent News/Rex/Rex USA

7. Lower Mesa Falls, Udaho, (USA)

Image Credits: Lucas Gilman

8. Handi Gundi Betta, Karnataka (India)

Handi Gundi BettaIn Picture: Rameez Rami (Team Escape2Explore)

9. Lighthouse Point, in Santa Cruz, California (USA)

Lighthouse Point, in Santa Cruz, California

Image Credits: Caters News Agency

10. Hampi, Karnataka (India)

Hampi, Karnataka

Image Credits: Andy Day

11. Maple Canyon, Utah (USA)

Image Credits: Jeremiah Watt

12. Matthes Crest, in Yosemite National Park, California (USA)

Image Credits: Jeremiah Watt

What do you think about the people in these death-defying pictures? Are these guys just crazy or simply awesome? Do let us know your thoughts on this, or may be you too can share your recent adventure selfie/photo in the comments below.

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