Awesome trip to Sharavati Island Camping

Camping at its best is the island camping as the land you stay is covered by water on all the 4 sides and you will be in the inaccessible place with all sorts of privacy and fun. On the backgrounds of nature and pitch dark light you and your team will be breezing out cold with the warm bonfire set up by E2E team.

The camping place is a naturesqe and pictorial giving you a 360 degree view of the surrounding as the place you are in will be covered by water on all the sides. The islands are formed by the river Sharavati due to the Linganmakki dam which is constructed across the river for the power generation project. Due to the Linganmakki dam the Sharavati River is blocked and hence this river forms huge backwaters in which many hectares area of mountains and villages are submerged in it.

The backwaters is one of the vast in Karnataka and the total radius is 65 sq. km. now one can imagine the amount of water stored or present in backwaters and the depth of the water is yet to be known as the water is very shallow and extends in depth.

Honnemardu visit

As we take you and your team in to islands on the riverbanks of the Sharavati a part of Sharavati Wildlife sanctuary giving you and your team an exciting feeling which you cannot express as you can enjoy nature very closely and watch the beautiful sunrise on the backyards of the water with a mirror view of sun in the backwaters and also if lucky you can spot some wildlife like the Bison’s, Deer’s, Crocks and birds.

We conduct outings and Camping’s with Water Activities  at this place for all age group of participants from Corporate to family groups to students from institutions, our outing comprises of adventure trekking and adventure activities and water sports and also sightseeing’s and if lucky spot wildlife.

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