Things You Must Know Before Exploring Cycling Routes Around Bangalore

Cycling is an underrated sport but quite popular as for many of us, it gave us our very first ride. While you were growing up, your love for this sport developed. The city was your riding track from dusty roads to highways. But, were you able to continue cycling after as an adult you have adapted to some big lifestyle changes?

It would be delightful to relive that childhood and if you are determined enough then maybe one day, you would find all the cycling routes around Bangalore. Isn’t childhood all about discovering?

Better late than never; you must resume this ultimate sport. If your lifestyle allows, you can go for hardcore or professional cycling. The reason could be anything, be it fitness or just another hobby to re-pursue. But before you go for it, there are a few pointers to be careful of.

Pace up slowly on cycling routes around Bangalore

There is always a big excitement while restarting your favorite hobby. In that moment, we often try harder and experiment a lot like riding fast and covering longer distances. You will be finding same roads and lanes everywhere in the city. For example, all cycling routes around Bangalore are very different; some are straight and some are inclined due to the hillocks.

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Ultimately, this over-enthusiastic attitude may exhaust yourself and shatter all your dreams at the very early stage. The prime suggestion for any new rider should be: learn to pace yourself. You must go slow and gradually increase your pace to a comfortable speed. This would help enhance your stamina and ride for extra miles.

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Nutrition for your body

Cycling needs lots of energy which will come from food and water. You must increase daily-diet with the inclusion of proper nutrition-filled food like carbohydrates and protein. During the cycling, you must carry a bottle of water and some quick munches. A sports-drink and an electrolyte must always be with you.

Stretching and good sleep

Injuries are unavoidable in any sports if we are not careful. Our body, especially the joint areas, is likely to take ample amount of strain during the ride in the city, hilly area, concrete roads and narrow passages. You must learn to do some simple stretching and do it on a routine basis. Apart from stretching, your good sleeping hours would help you feel more energetic during the biking.

Never be short of fine shorts

Good attire can be a luxury for your marathon ride. Wear some fine pair of shorts to prevent soreness and itching in your skin. Invest in the pairs which can last for long.

Shift Gears on difficult cycling routes around Bangalore

Your bike may have a big range of gears which you may be reluctant to use. Gears are the only things in your biking tour, you must experiment with. Do not be afraid to shift your gear and experience the ride; because it will make you understand that which gear may ease your effort for the specific route.

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Right Saddle

Never settle for the saddle that came with the bike if you don’t like it. Your comfort with the saddle matters while you rest your bottom during the ride. Try out some new saddles and choose the one that has a right amount of cushion and the perfect fit for your seat.

Maintain your bike

In order to manage a longer life of your cycle, you must maintain the components of your bike with the regular cleaning and re-lubing the chain and tightening the joints. A well-maintained bike will save lots of damage cost and your effort on the ride.

Focus on the fun

Before you begin, ask yourself a reason to ride again. You’d notice that ultimately it will come down to how much you’ve enjoyed biking. All goals like discover all the cycling routes around Bangalore and fitness freakiness aside, you must concentrate on the fun part of riding which is to cycle anywhere. Eat and drink healthy and always remember to have fun.

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