Holiday Destinations near Bangalore that Uplift Your Mood

Holiday Destinations near Bangalore that Uplift Your Mood

Karnataka is often known for its delightful weather that of course is maintained due to its location right in the middle of two seas Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The charismatic weather has created the amazing green around with lots of lakes, hill stations, and forests. These holiday destinations are perfect for most of the time in a year. Let’s find out:

Horsley Hills

Laminated with unblinking scenic views, Horsley Hills seems to have a magnificent balance of hilly walks, peaceful music by Gangotri Lake, and historical memories in the form. The sights to see in this region while on a trek are Horsley Hills Museum, Mallamma Temple, and Horsley Hills where you can watch a variety of birds and animals.

Like Horsley Hills, some of the destinations you can go to are Kudremukh (famous for Jamalabad Fort), Sakleshpur (famous for Manjarabad Fort), and Skandagiri (famous for Papagani Temple and Tipu Sultan’s Fortress).

Shivaganga Hills

Probably the most spiritual destination in our list! Shivaganga or Dakshina Kashi Hills found its name due to the water spots found at the top that are believed to be the water holy Ganga river. Along with the libertarian nature of its wind and landscapes, this hill station is filled with religious and architectural attractions like Gangadhareshwara temple, Patala Gange, Olakala Teertha, and Nandi Bull sculpture.

Like Shivaganga Hills, Anthargange is one of the few places to seek spiritual experience and cave exploration with ancient architecture.

Brahmagiri Hills

Now, let’s move on to the Western Ghats. Shall we? Brahmagiri Hills opens up to a giant world of wildlife that allows the tourists to see some rare species like wild dog, sloth bears, sambar, spotted deer, Nilgiri langur, Malabar giant squirrel, giant flying squirrel, Nilgiri marten, civet, porcupine, and pangolin. While you explore the flora and fauna of the space, some activities like wildlife safari, photography, and trekking can add a new flavor to your experience.

A few more not-to-be-missed Western Ghats tourist destinations are Agumbe (famous for Amphibian life and camping), Wayanad (famous for Chembra Peak, heart-shaped lake, and Meenmutty Falls) and BR Hills (famous for Biligiriranga Wildlife Sanctuary).


A little Niagra for a perfect solitude journey, Kemmangundi implores peace for you in this chaotic life. Here in the Baba-Budan range, you can discover tranquillity amidst the mountains and the two waterfalls – Kalahasti and Hebbe.

Let’s not this picturesque place be the only one for you to enunciate life; there are more, such as Melagiri hills where you can witness Hogenakkal Falls – the oldest waterfall – with multiple streams falling onto the rocks producing the enormous sound escape.


We’ve covered trekking, waterfalls, mountaintop hills, the thick forest, and mysterious but ancient caves, temples, and forts. Now include shopping on that list. Ooty has it all with plenty to get home some souvenirs in the form of handmade beads, chocolates, local wines, coffee seeds & tea leaves, and many more.

Often called the most romantic honeymoon place, Ooty is to be found near Nilgiri Blue Mountain Hills. The city is ladened by cloudy hillocks, morning droplets in a tea estate or coffee plantation, amusingly nostalgic lakes, and wildlife. Coorg and Chikmagalur are the two cities that almost resemble Ooty in much more sense except for the cultural background and localities.

Now that you have the list, would you care to write us a letter or a greeting or just a mention of how your holiday was in any of these places? Tell us your favorites if we missed any.

Because within the uneasiness of everyday struggle, we must find a place to have belongingness!

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