Summer Adventures with Escape2Explore | Thrilling Activities & Memories

Summer Adventures with Escape2Explore | Thrilling Activities & Memories

Clumsy desires in your sweaty hands! How long would you be standing there to listen to the calling? One Degree Celsius up, One breath down! How far would you walk to put on the adventurous wearing?

The above poetry may seem a little metaphorical, but it sounds perfect for this summer season we are about to relish. To be very specific, we are going to bring our attention to all the seasoned students and kids. Exams are over or about to be over, and this is the time they can finally get all the pressure off their chests by participating in various summer activities.

Sure, the fun is our priority, but all of you parents who stumbled upon this blog might also be searching for a rudimentary introduction to learning. Well, you have come to the right place. Here, we present four customized adventurous and helpful trips for school & college students, including engineering, NCC, NSS, summer camps, and survey camps.

1) Fun-Student-Tastic Outing

This is the one day you never want to miss! Escape2Explore offers a joyous and therapeutic one-day outing with adventurous activities like rappelling, kayaking, building rafts, zip-lining, paintball, a coracle ride, swimming, and more.

As you burn out your adventurous cells in these activities, the supporting staff will be busy with their technical equipment and excellent knowledge, walking any student through the entire process. These activities will increase the summer delight and enhance their mental strength.

2) Outbound Training Program

The Outbound Training Program will expose the kids to various physical and mental situations. Trainers and their supporting staff will prepare for various challenging environments, such as rope courses and building rafts. Kids will be guided through multiple instructions and information, such as important things to carry, what to wear, how to utilize the environment in typical circumstances, technical assistance, and more.

3) Adventure Learning Program

This particular program is designed to increase the children’s courage to attempt any adventure. The program includes adventure activities such as trekking, kayaking, building rafts, rope courses, rappelling, and more.

Our team of specialists maintains the balance between fun and discipline with their ability to monitor the entire process. The best part of this exercise is letting the young people try these activities with proper safety.

4) Summer Camps

The summer season cannot pass without having summer camps. Escape2Explore brings a massive opportunity for all the kids and students to connect with our mother earth by offering activities like exploration in the dense jungle of the Western Ghats, witnessing wildlife, walking to the top of hills, finding architectural beauty in caves, watching alluring sunrise and sunset, visiting various mythological and spiritual places and camping near the waterfalls.

You may want to load your kids’ bags to unroll and roll up in our territory for unparalleled joy and a gentle brushing of mental skills. We hope that by now, you have found the answer to the question we asked above in the title. If not, then let us tell you that the question was not meant for you; it’s for the Summer season!

Our expert team guides you through all the important processes, providing full information about the places and activities and always being on their toes to keep the kids safe.

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