Life is either a great adventure or nothing

Ramnagara nicknamed as Silk Town or Silk City is rarely known to people as described. I should rather refer the place as Sholay City as the place is more famous to have been a residing place of a legendary character Gabbar Singh from a block buster movie Sholay.

“Are ohh Sambha Kitne aadmi the?”… “Wo 2 aur tum 3 firr bhi laut aaae”; were delivered here.

An adventurist born at Ramnagara Swamy Sholay, coordinated the trek. Unlike the monotonous treks, this was something unusual as Swamy made sure of educating us about the place, about the complete trek schedules, comforting everyone irrespective if they were beginners or experts. The adventure started with introduction of all the participants. We started at 9:30 PM from a common point, after a drive of approximately 50 KM towards southwest from Bangalore we reached the Gabbar City (Ramnagara). It was apparently to be a night trek under a full moon night. This was a sheer example of how people from different caste creed or languages have only one thing in common; that is to experience adventure or may be to overcome their fears.

Day Outing bangalore

Ohhh!! The fear factor reminds me of the most amazing part of the trek. The trek started with Rappelling.  How many of you know what exactly Rappelling is; well technically you can Google, wiki has all the answers but personally I feel Rappelling is a sport which requires you to collect your senses, keep aside all your height phobias, recollect all your energy and then slide down a massive rock. Rappelling will either make you feel like you are Michael Jackson doing moon walk or you might even imagine yourself to be a Spiderman but if you are scarred then it will be a Gabbar moment “Jo darr gya samjho marr gya”.

After this we did rock climbing under the roof top of clear sky with shimmering stars complementing full moon. Around 5 AM we reached a rock peak, climbing over a distance of 2 Kms. That was like being in natures abode. I saw the sky getting red to orange to yellow from grey. The bright sun rays spread its wings as if to welcome each one of us to this small Gabbar Town – Ramnagara. Followed by a series of photograph sessions we all started climbing down, had breakfast and drove back to Bangalore.

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    Nice post on Ramnagar adventure.. I went to Ramnagar with my friends for trekking it is really good place for adventure outing. Like this!!

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