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One of the unknown places till late 20th century about the altitude its ranging to in my dictionary is the mullayangiri peak. It is located in the heart of Chikmagalur city and is a pleasant hill station having a lot of coffee estates in it.

Ranges from Mullayangiri to Baba Budden Giri have the highest ranges (1930 mts from sea level) and Baba Budden Giri range of Western Ghats of Chikmagalur Taluk is Karnataka’s Highest Peak and 3rd highest peak in India after the great Himalayas!!! When me (Vishwanath k) and my friends zeroed on the trekking places as mullayangiri then our first thing was gather some information on the place, thanks to E2E Team who gave us all the detailed info on the trek along with a  volunteer Mr. Swamy with us as the Guide to entire trek.

Days of Travel: 2 Days… Just perfect for our weekend :)

Trekking Guide: Escape2Explore Adventures Pvt Ltd.

Trek Distance: Total ~6 KM.

Best Time to Visit: July-Dec.

Tips: For free :)

  • During Rainy seasons Path will be very slippery and lots of leaches carry leach anti-oxidants.
  • Avoid night treks and make sure you are out before 7pm as this place has lot of Wildlife mostly Tigers.
  • 100% guide is required even you have a great GPS tracking system… Because in clouds your GPS also may not work accurately.
  • Water proof bags, Jackets, Very less luggage.
  • First aid kit.
  • Dettol, Move spray, salt, and the list goes on to make leaches leave you from sucking blood. Simple rule: Leach just leave you from sucking blood as soon as the taste changes. So just put something near the wound, it will go off…Trekking in Mullayangiri

To trek Mullayangiri there are 2 routes, first one is “Sarpa Dhari” by the name the itself the route is lake a snake path which takes curving’s like snake leaving you to hike narrow points at an angle of 60 degrees at certain stages of the trek. The second on the Gandi Path, this path is not much steeper but takes you into Reserve forest ranges giving you an extra chance of viewing the wildlife.

Of the 2 lead paths one of my friend had already trekked the Sarpa Dhari and hence we had to choose the second route as told by the guide it is very picturesque route. The trek path to mullayangiri looks pretty simple from here as told by the guide: Just cross the 5 mountains and you will be highest peak of Karnataka. It was very simple and easy by listening and initially it was little steep for 10 mins and then the entire stretch was very Pictorial with 360 degree views of the nature comprising of forests with wildlife and to look at the landscapes and pictorial mountain ranges to be frank this was the most amazing trek that I had ever been in my life.

The time we were on the trek is mid – October which again was the perfect season as the entire place was covered with mist and fog and almost the route is invisible or covered by mist all the way by the time we could reach the peak we had beautiful views of nature and also the spotted the samba deer’s just adjacent to us.

One serious advice to the trekkers please do not go individually as if u miss the route by a little margin you will end entering the deep forest so always be guided on the trek.

Finally We reached the Temple which is at the top of the Hill… Wondering how priest can reach this temple every day? That’s simple… There is a road till that place… We came for trekking so no steps, no road, only Mountain path….

Took a few minutes break on top of the hill and started the trekking down the hill in different route…

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