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Jog Falls – it is the second largest single tier waterfalls in South Asia created by Sharavathi River Falls at this places as 4 different falls known as Raja Falls, Rani Falls, Roller Falls and Rocket Falls which has the falling distance of 1km in the vertical height that is 930 feet in exact numbers.

We in escape2explore organize the trekking at jog falls wherein we take our clients to the view – points of jog i.e.; the trek to Raja Falls or also called the Mungaru Male Spot and then to the Rani falls and finally the main view.

One of the places that is worth taking a risk to see is the Raja Falls Point, which we will take care of guiding you and your team to the view point where you can have the pictorial view of water falling from the top and explore the rock carvings due to the continuous flow of water with jet force during the season. As soon as you view the scenery you will fell as if you are on cloud nine of the extreme point of your life, this view takes out all stress and almost everything out of your life for that point and you will be enjoying the view open hearty like a joy movement as if it is happening in your childhood days.

Camping in Jog Falls

This is one of the popular falls in Karnataka and known as Jog Falls, it is the second largest single tier waterfalls in South Asia. This falls is created by the drop of the river Sharavathi which origins at Thirtha halli of Karnataka state as Ambu Thirtha and starts from there and joined by the tributaries to form the Sharavathi River which forms the largest backwaters in Karnataka due to Linganmakki dam construction by Sir M Vishveshwariah the genius because of his mastermind constructions we the people of Bangalore city receive 60% of power from the power house part of waters from jog Falls.

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