5 Treks Near Bangalore To Avoid If You’re A ‘Fattu’

Trekking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Period. Most people in their enthusiasm, go ahead, ignoring the danger signs. The end result? An experience that scares the bejesus out of them. Such people can be termed as ‘Fattus’. Fattus are the kind of people who boast aplenty, but retreat with their tail between their legs when the time comes. If you are one of them (you know it, don’t you? :-P)  then we’d advise you to stay away from these treks near Bangalore.

1. Kumara Parvatha Trek

Number one on our list is the Kumara Parvatha trek. For someone who has stayed in Bangalore and have a trekking background or trekking enthusiasts as their companion, must know or have heard about this place. The highest peak in the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, is filled with scenic beauty and tough terrain. The weather is erratic, which adds to your woes if you’re a fattu.

This is the sixth highest peak in Karnataka and offers not only a breathtaking scenery but also a running-out-of-your-breath sort of an affair. This is one of longest and toughest treks in South India and is a strict no-no for the newbies or families. The trail takes you through the dense forest, to the open lands with rough terrain and steep slope. The monsoons bring with it some fresh flowing water and greenery and yes, leeches too! The long trail and the Sun are enough to cause dehydration. And most importantly the planning of the entire trek is a must. Begin early and achieve the base before nightfall, since the trail through the woods can be pretty hazardous during the evening.

Kumara Parvatha Trek

Distance From Bangalore: Approx. 230kms (one way)
Trekking Distance: 13kms Approx via Kukke Subramanya (one way)

2. Kodachadri Trek

The Kodachadri trek in Shimoga is an experience of a lifetime. With breathtaking scenery, it can blow your mind away. However, beware if you are a fattu. At a height of 1343 meters above sea level, it can be frightening. Add to that the thick cover of jungle at the base and abundant wild animals should act as a deterrent if you are a terrified cow.

The steep slopes, the rain and the blood sucking leeches are a few snags that the nature offers. The mesmerizing Hidlumane falls is a treat to the eyes, but overflows during the monsoons; so you might want to avoid this trail during heavy downpour. But as you witness the sun melting over the Arabian Sea from the peak, every little thing feels alright, worth every fight you had with yourself before giving up.

Kodachadri Trek

Distance from Bangalore: Approx. 394KMS (one way)
Trekking Distance: 8km Approx. Via Hidlumane falls (one way)

3. Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh trek boasts of enviable surroundings. Located in the Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka, the area is filled with greenery and is one of the crowned jewels of the Western Ghats. The flora and fauna of the region are something to watch out for. While all this is great, the gusty winds can be a menace. And, if you’re a fattu, such winds at a height can make you uncomfortable. The forest is pretty dense and if you don’t take note of the surroundings, you will end up losing your trail. The roads can get slippery during rain; prepare for a roller coaster experience, fun for some, misery for others. Leeches here take their territory quite seriously, so have fun pulling them out of your skin.

Kudremukh Trek

Distance From Bangalore: Approx. 332KMS (one way)
Trekking Distance: 9km Approx. (one way)

4. Skandagiri Trek

Located about 70 kms from Bangalore, this trek involves a terrain full of rugged climbs and descends. Given that it is preferred for night treks, it is a fattu’s nightmare. Others, though can enjoy the beautiful night sky and the panoramic view of sunrise from the peak. The trek gets challenging as you pass the Papagni temple, but the bonfire and the magnificent views make Skandagiri trekking a worthwhile experience.

The precarious incline gives a hard time and risk of losing track are high on the off chance that you don’t have somebody to guide you, phones are essentially futile due to the unavailability of the network. It serves as a hometown to several wildlife. This picture perfect place drives many trekking enthusiasts to its peak, where you can see the clouds drifting underneath, adding a touch of heavenly charm to the scenery.

Skandagiri Night Trek

Distance From Bangalore: Approx. 70KMS (one way)
Trekking Distance: 3-4km Approx. (one way)

5. Savandurga Trek

The Savandurga trek is one trek that will take you down a trip to the history lane. Savandurga is composed of two peaks namely ‘Karigudda’ or the ‘black hill’ and ‘Biligudda’ or the ‘white hill. The former trail is less preferred, since it requires a permit as it is more extreme and exposed. Biligudda was a fort prison during the Hoysala Empire and its ruins still seen and makes the environment eerie. It was also called as Savinadurga or the fort of death due to its steep natural formation. On the occasion where you’re feeling curious, don’t venture out on your own, it is likely to take you nowhere. The peak is situated at an impressive height of 4220ft. above sea level. Being the largest monolithic in Asia, the trek can be daunting, but it’s totally worth it. Not if you’re a fattu though.

Savandurga Night Trek

Distance From Bangalore: Approx. 60KMS (one way)
Trekking Distance:  2km Approx. (one way)

So, you have seen our list. Let us know what your list is like and which friends first come to mind after reading this article.

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