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Mountaineering can be described as the act of going up a mountain, hill, and any steep terrain. Over the years, more and more people are discovering the joys of mountaineering. Mountaineering has become a major sport or leisure activity for thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts. The numerous hills enable the adventurers to go for mountaineering in Karnataka.

 The mountain peaks of Kuderemukha, Kumara Parvatha, Kodachadri and others help the Mountaineering to indulge in their favourite sport. We have well experienced coordinators and trainers who will guide you at each and every step for undergoing this activity.


 CAVING is also occasionally known as spelunking means the scientific study of caves and the cave environment. Cave exploring is the recreational activity of exploring wild cave systems. The challenges involved in the activity depend on the cave being visited.

Caves Exploration

 We conduct this activity where there are natural  caves formation places like Athargange, edkal caves, mullayangiri, Ramanagaram, Avani hills, Siddara Betta and many more etc.

 Anthargange is mainly famous for cave exploration and is very near to Bangalore where night trekking and cave exploration is carried out by us. Athargange is an ideal location for moon light trek, bonfire, exploring cave in night and camping.  Big and small boulders have heaped to form cave like formations offering exhilarating activity called cave exploration Safety is our highest priority.

We provide our clients with all the basic requirements and the necessary equipment’s. Climbing or crawling is often necessary, and ropes are used extensively for safe negotiation of particularly steep or slippery passages which will be taken care by us and also we provide clients with camping equipments like sleeping bags for a night trek and for camping purpose the camping tents will be pitched.

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