5 Best Reasons All Women Must Go for Trekking

From the ancient time to these modern days, it has been evident that women are the sole nature of universe for the beginning of human kind. However, they didn’t get that respect what they deserved in all these centuries.

One of the reasons for this injustice is the patriarchic world what human kind had created. In all these eras, women are often seen beside men waiting for their turn to show everyone what she is capable of. Result: They are always considered as supporting element to men.

Today many women started following her dreams; some are doctors, lawyers, sportsperson, news anchors, actresses and many professions apart from her fixed responsibilities set by society such as motherhood, wife and daughter. But can we say all women could be able achieve these goals? No. They are still living second lead in their life.

This blog is for all those women. You must take control of your life. To understand your real capabilities and become the lead you must go for trekking. Here are 5 best reasons you should go for trekking

  1. Discovering Whizzing Power in You

5 Best Reasons All Women Must Go for Trekking1

Trekking needs patience and little stamina to reach to the top of mountain. But once you begin your journey, with each step of your climbing, you discover a secret power inside which has been hidden from so long. Yes, it’s called confidence.

  1. Alice in Wonderland

5 Best Reasons All Women Must Go for Trekking2

Remember the story of Alice? She was lost in middle of magic land with nowhere to go. With trekking to hills and jungle you will exactly feel this way; not in the outside world but inside you; the dream you have been wondering for so long. The trek journey will open the door and prompt you to explore again. Do you want to become Alice of your wonderland?

  1. Nailed it!

5 Best Reasons All Women Must Go for Trekking3

When you put final step at the top of the hills, you would certainly feel the sense of achievement and whisper, “Nailed it!”

The epilogue of the trek journey would be yours. You definitely would want more of this moment.

  1. Collections of Bubbles

5 Best Reasons All Women Must Go for Trekking4

At the height among the clouds, you can feel world beneath you. There the fog has been covering all the disturbances coming from the city. Right at this moment, you can collect all your bubbles including dreamy one, creamy one, colorful one, unknown one and especially scary one. All of sudden, you will know exactly what you want in your life.

  1. Inner Peace

5 Best Reasons All Women Must Go for Trekking5

People say that finding inner peace is a really difficult job; well those kinds of people haven’t tried trekking. With the mountain on toe and decreased oxygen, the swishy sound of air would pass by your ear to give you the meaning of silence. Inner peace, indeed!

So this International Women’s Day, you must promise to yourself

#OneDayIWill go for trekking

#OneDayIWill escape to explore who I am

#OneDayIWill achieve what I want

#OneDayIWill smile and world will smile with me!

Happy Trekking, Happy Women’s Day

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