5 Awesome Reasons Why You Must Try Waterfall Rappelling

The mountain water searing down and falling from a cliff, the cool breeze comforting, yet tingling, an experience so amazing it gives your life a new meaning. As you look at this majestic site and adore the beauty that nature has bestowed upon us, a rush of thrill fills you. Why? Because instead of being a spectator, you choose to lay siege to a cliff. It’s time to try out rappelling!

Yes, waterfall rappelling! Simply put, it is one of the biggest blitz of fun that one can experience currently in the adventure segment. And before you start thinking of the limitless possibilities such an adventure would bring with it, we’ll highlight five of the best reasons to try this breathtaking pursuit.

1. It Gives You The Adrenalin Rush

Adventurers are always on the lookout for newer avenues to quench their thirst for excitement. For such people, waterfall rappelling is a must-do activity.

2. It’s An Achievement In Itself

Aah, those good old bragging rights! In the new age of social media, when every happening event in your life needs to be updated, a waterfall rappelling activity will add several likes and favourable comments to your social media profile. Besides that, the feeling of satisfaction that one derives is nothing short of an achievement.

3. You Meet Mother Nature

In the lap of Mother Nature reveling in its beauty; what more can an adventure enthusiast want? Couple that, with a skillful descent from a cliff, with pristine waterfall around you, and your idea of heaven is right in front of your eyes.

4. The View Is A Class Apart

For some adventurers, the view is all that matters. A waterfall rappelling pursuit ensures you get that and much more. It gives you a vantage point so unique, your whole outlook towards looking at things like forests, mountain tops, canyons, etc. change. Views or angles never imagined lie right there in front of your eyes to savour.

5. The Action Hero Rises

We all have dreamt of flying like Superman, emulating mind boggling feats of Batman at some point or the other, haven’t we? The adventurer is the closest thing to an action hero in real life. And when provided with an opportunity like waterfall rappelling, s/he goes all out to fulfill their fantasies. Fun part is, when the dust settles, you start wondering, maybe such action packed stuff isn’t reserved for people with special powers after all.

We have listed the 5 best reasons; perhaps you’d find your own reason to do waterfall rappelling. But one thing is for sure, if you are a true lover of adventure, you won’t need a second invitation.

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