5 Amazing Reasons Why Trekkers Are Kickass Holibaaz

By looking at this heading you might have started to relate trekking and Holi by now. And if you are still wondering about the word ‘Holibaaz’ then perhaps, I should begin by knitting out the elaborative meaning of this word.

Holibaaz is neither English nor Hindi language word. This adjective is surely created by Holi which is defined as the trait of the person who excels in every skill of Holi festival games; especially the capability of pouring colors on any person.

Now that I have explained the meaning, here are some of the ‘whys’ that makes any trekkers a kickass Holibaaz:

An Eye On A Tiny Purple World; Orange Or Blue?

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Trekkers adore the idea of a colorful world. In fact, they wander one mountain to another in search of lost colors in their life. And no Holibaaz can be defined without color!

Laugh Until You Feel It

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Have you ever met this kind of person who lives in the moments and always be cheerful? I don’t know about others but trekkers are sure the most momentous person you will ever know. They spend every second to see what is happening around and wait excitedly for what happens next. Holibaaz is replica of same creature who is excited enough to play colors with anyone. Trekking gives insight on your life whereas Holi spreads those insights in the form of colors!

Dare, You Go!

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Quite simply, we can put this into the box of trekkers but the Holibaaz are also the one who likes to say always Bring-It-On. Trekkers and Holibaaz love challenges; whether it is to climb on a big mountain or pour Mr. Strict out in wet colors without hesitation!

Wahao, I See What You Are Doing Here

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The real Holibaaz is not the one who takes out their Pichkari and splashes color drops on in front them. They are cunning; they are the strategy maker; they are leader; they know how to execute the plan so that nobody could survive the terror of this colorful day! Trekkers are similar in nature but they implement their ideas to reach on the top. If trekking is difficult; so is playing Holi!

With you and you and you; that’s us!

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Indulging into trekking alone is different; but if there is more than one they make sure that they look like one. Just like it, Holibaaz swashes wet & dry colors on strangers and include them in their expanding team. And if you are walking alone through some street on this festival day then, oh boy, the gangs of Holibaaz break their Gulal pots to make you one of them.

Hmmm! Are you still in wonder whether it is actually true? Experience yourself in this Holi; play with colors or step on the mountain!

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